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Internship at Xpress Precision Engineering

Working environment

Xpress Precision Engineering is a high-tech startup, with a research emphasis in the field of precision 3D tactile probes for coordinate measuring machines. We highly value team play, open innovation and technology expertise.

Projects at Xpress Precision Engineering

We offer practical training and graduation programs for talented and innovative college and university students in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Interest in (precision) machine design, metrology and/or experimental work is a definite plus.

When to apply: Continuous
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Field of interest: (Precision) machine design, metrology and/or experimental work.
Salary: Yes
College credits: Yes

How to apply?

If you are a top performer and interested in an internship at Xpress, please send your application letter and curriculum vitae to: career@xpresspe.com or send a written version to:

Xpress Precision Engineering
Attn: Human Resources
Horsten 1
5612AX Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Recruitment agency?

We are not interested in services offered by recruitment agencies. Acquisition is not appreciated.