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Design services, from concept, design and realisation to test.

Xpress Precision Engineering provides advanced design and engineering services related to metrology and high-precision positioning for our customers. Customers range from global companies to start-ups and small businesses.

Total solution

We solve your problems, from initial concept to prototyping, calibration and turn-key delivery.

Initial concepts

Based on customer specifications initial concepts were made for a high precision 3D CMM, 100 nm 3D measurement uncertainty, with a competitive price tag for measuring small components.

Xpress developed a novel concept based on linear encoders. The stage is moved by three identical linear stages, resulting in an easy to produce and service design, reducing cost.


Several designs were made and a prototype CMM was manufactured in cooperation with our suppliers.

Stage controllers were realized by Xpress as well as thermal compensation routiness for critical components.

Turn-key delivery

The final product is designed for robust operation, ease of use and maintenance. All well within target specifications.