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The movies, available for download in this section may be used as they appear on this website (without removing or adding frames or otherwise modifying its contents) free o charge.

However, we require that you mention the source of the movie('Movie courtesy of XPRESS Precision Engineering, www.xpresspe.com') and, if used online, a working link to http://www.xpresspe.com.

Gannen-XP probing a gauge block.

Photo of the Gannen probe in the NanoCMM by van Seggelen.

Probing of a 8 mm gauge block using the Gannen-XP 3D tactile probe on a high accuracy coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Lenght: 1:13

How to play .RM and .RMVB files?

RealPlayer logo. Realplayer is used, next to the MPEG format, to compress the movies on this site.

Several movies in this section are also available in the RealMedia (.RM) and RealMedia variable bitrate (.RMVB) format. This format is developed by RealNetworks (www.realnetworks.com) and can be played using RealPlayer.