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Gannen XM now available

After the successful introduction of the Gannen-XP, which is optimized for ultra precision 3D measurements, Xpress Precision Engineering BV proudly presents the Gannen-XM. The Gannen-XM is the second member of the Gannen series and is optimized for true 3D measurements on micro components and MEMS.

“We see a rising demand for 3D measurements on micro components and MEMS”, says Ir. Bos, Director of Technology for Xpress Precision Engineering BV. “Lower stiffness, lower replacement costs and smaller tips make the Gannen-XM ideal for these kinds of measurements.”

The Gannen-XM is fully compatible with the mounting of the Gannen-XP. To minimize preparation down-time, a dual setup is recommended. Probing forces with the Gannen-XM are in the micro-Newton range. The probing system can be delivered with probing tips down to 50 micrometers.

“When you can measure it, you can make it!” concludes ir. Bos. “Also in the field of micro components and MEMS, measurements for quality control and further research need to meet the highest standards. We are determined to help our customers achieve these standards.”

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