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Keynote presentation at euspen

Dr.ir. Bos, CTO at Xpress Precision Engineering, is asked to give a keynote presentation during the upcoming conference of the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (euspen). The presentation, entitled 'Aspects of tactile probing on a micro scale' will focus on several important aspects that influence the measurement behavior and uncertainty when probing small features, below 1 mm, with a tactile probing system.

'It is important that a globally respected body such as euspen now recognizes the importance of 3D tactile measurements on these scales', says Edwin Bos. 'The effects of surface forces and other disturbing effects play a much greater role when measuring micro scale features and research in this field is therefore important for Xpress'.


The 9th International euspen Conference will be held at the Kursaal Congress Centre, San Sebastian and will focus on the latest advances and market developments in precision processes and manufacturing, as well as metrology and sensing applications.

Aspects of tactile probing on a micro scale, abstract

Measurement instruments are sensitive to more than one physical quantity. When measuring work piece topography, the measurement result will always be influenced by the environment and (local) variations in the work piece itself. The aspects that influence the interaction between probe tip and work piece become increasingly apparent when the scale of measurement and the required uncertainty decreases.