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Xpress top 100 innovator

Xpress Precision Engineering is listed at rank 53 in the innovation top 100 of most promising innovations for the Dutch economy. Important criteria are the impact of the innovation on society and they way companies do business. Other important aspects are originality, intellectual property and potential business creation.

The jury for the innovation top 100 consisted of Charlie Aptroot (Dutch parliament member), Bart Stomphorst (VC and founder of Sandd), Joris Craandijk (inventor of the beertender), Arjan Kors (editor in chief of BIZZ magazine), Yp Kroon (Dutch patent office), Piet van Staalduinen (CEO at Syntens), Han Gerrits (professor of technology and innovation) and Harrie Evers (NormTEQ).

"The innovation top 100 is focussed around the impact of an innovation on society", says Ernst Treffers CEO of Xpress. "For that reason we are glad that a proficient jury once again recognized the importance of accurate 3D measurements on small objects", Treffers continues, "Xpress will keep conducting research in this field and introducing state of the art 3D tactile probes on the market."

"The jury and myself are convinced that most companies listed in the 'MKB Innovatie top 100' will have a bright future', says Charlie Aptroot, member of the Dutch parliament. "It is clear that many exciting innovations originate from these companies."