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Heimen, the new product line from Xpress, available 2010

Xpress Precision Engineering BV announces its next series of scanning tactile probes: the Heimen Series. This range is positioned between ultra precision (UP) probes and standard scanning probes. The Heimen Series combines the best of both worlds and from now on it is possible to conduct 3D scanning measurements with submicron accuracy for a competitive price. The new series is specifically targeted at OEMs of multi-sensor measurement machines and OEMs of machining centers and will be available early 2010.

“It is important that we can offer a solution for the market between UP and regular probes”, according to Ernst Treffers, managing director of Xpress PE. “For quite some applications it is not important to reach the ultimate accuracy of our Gannen range. On the other hand, there is a strong demand for the possibility to conduct scanning measurements with small spheres and low probing forces. With Heimen technology directly originating from the Gannen-XP, the most accurate 3D scanning probe in the market, stable specifications are ensured. Due to the innovative, patented design of the silicon chip we can produce and assemble the probe more efficiently. This has a positive effect on the price of the system.”