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The next steps in measuring micro parts, at Metromeet 2010

Ir. Ernst Treffers, managing director of Xpress Precision Engineering B.V. will give a presentation on the next steps in measuring micro parts at Metromeet 2010 in Bilbao, Spain.

Dimensions of parts/features and their required uncertainties are decreasing quickly. Research on these micro parts requires true 3D metrology, but the capital investment for the metrology equipment is often too large for a single university or research institute.

Furthermore, micro parts are more and more transferred from a research stage to real commercial applications. Again, 3D metrology is vital to validate or improve production of micro parts, but the investment in equipment is too large for many SME's. To facilitate affordable 3D metrology on micro parts, Xpress PE developed several solutions from which working principles, prototype setups and performance will be presented during the conference.