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Measurement uncertainty

The uncertainty of the Gannen probe is influenced by its repeatability, thermal drift, tip deviations and workpiece deformation. The combined 3D uncertainty of the sensor is 50 nm.

Uncertainty budget for the Gannen XP probe

3D sensor uncertainty (k=3) * 10nm
Calibration of tip and probe ** 40nm
Temperature deviations (ΔT < 0,1 K < 10nm
Tip and work piece deformation < 10nm
Other deviations < 10nm
Combined 3D uncertainty 45 nm

* The analysis is based on three times the standard deviations (k=3) and a maximum displacement of the sensor tip of 10 micrometers in a temperature controlled environment, where temperature variations are within plusminus 0,1 K

** the stated value is mainly determined by machine uncertainty and calibration method