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The Gannen Control Unit assures optimum signal conditioning for all probes in the Gannen series.

The Gannen Control Units (GCU) provide excellent signal stability and stable operating conditions for your Gannen probe.

GCU-1: Gannen Control Unit

The Gannen Control Unit (GCU) is designed to protect the sensitive probe electronics and optimize the signal-to-noise of the probes in our Gannen series. The GCU-1 features optimum signal conditioning, a stable power supply, single and differential output signals, optimum shielding and protection of the electronics in your probing system.


The Gannen Control Unit, type 2 (GCU-2) has all functionality of the GCU-1. In addition, the GCU-2 features contact detection based on the probe measurement signals. The detection sensitivity can be set to 4 levels. This allows contact detection at different noise levels, e.g. due to vibrational disturbances in the environment, and a detection for over-travel protection.

Single and differential output

Probes in the Gannen series produce differential output signals to minimize noise in the electronics and cables. By using the Gannen Control Unit, you still have the option to use the three differential output signals. However, now you can also use three single analogue output signals, while maintaining good signal stability.

Touch-trigger operation

Gannen probes provide a continuous feedback of the probe tip displacement in 3D space. Using the Gannen Control Unit, type 2 (GCU-2) the probe signal can be analyzed to detect contact with a work piece. Therefore it is possible to use the Gannen probes in touch trigger mode using a GCU-2.

The GCU-2 can, on request, be supplied with special features, e.g. multiple trigger generation to improve repeatability in touch trigger mode. However, it should be clear that the use of the Gannen probes as measuring probes (instead of touch-trigger) provides more opportunity to optimize the overall measurement uncertainty.