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3D precision probe, sensor for CMM and coordinate measuring machine.

Xpress Precision Engineering is a supplier of ultra precision 3D measurement systems for dimensional metrology.

Technology expertise

Our new generation of MEMS-based probes features a repeatability of 2 nanometers, over than 20 times better than conventional systems.


We are a young and ambitious company that strives to be the top original equipment manufacturer in the field of ultra precision 3D measurement equipment. Consisting of a diverse team of highly educated professionals, we supply our customers with products that stand out in technology and functionality.


Due to a strong focus on innovation, Xpress has experienced a strong growth. Important applications are 3D measurements on micro components, such as those used in injection nozzles(printers, automobile), aspheric lenses, medical applications and micro gears. Measurement systems are supplied on OEM basis to customers in Europe, Asia and the U.S.