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Xpress Precision Engineering is a high-tech startup and its core business is the development and selling of high precision 3D metrology solutions.

Market trend

Nowadays, products are getting smaller and smaller. Besides, they gain functionality. Remember the first mobile phones? Big and clumsy things, but they made you able to call outside your house or office. They differ a lot from modern mobile phones, which are smaller and can also be used for watching videos, updating your calendar and navigate you anywhere. The components of a product like this are decreasing in size rapidly. This is a trend which can be found in many industry branches (e.g. automotive industry, pc industry and printing industry).

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)

To measure those components three dimensionally, you can use a so-called coordinate measuring machine (or CMM). You can compare a machine like this with a blind man. This person uses a white cane to feel objects in front of him. By touching those objects with the cane, an image appears in the person's brain and he can act accordingly. Instead of a white cane, a CMM uses a probe to touch objects. By touching them on different places, a image of the object appears in the computer of the CMM. Those images can be used for research or quality control.

Our market

Xpress acts as an Original Equipment Manufacturer of high precision probes. We supply to machine manufacturers of high-accuracy coordinate measuring machines.

Investor opportunities

Currently, we are financed by personal and public funds. Naturally, we welcome the opportunity to discuss a joint research project or financial partnership.